We know your hearing loss has affected the quality of your life.

Mary Martino, Au.D 

Research shows that untreated hearing loss contributes to anger, depression, isolation, loneliness, increased risk to personal safety, impaired memory, reduced earning power and diminished overall health. It is a ‘quality of life’ issue, not just a hearing loss.

In addition, hearing loss usually exists with tinnitus, a ringing or buzzing in your ears. Tinnitus can be quite annoying, further lessening the quality of your life. While there is no ‘cure’ for tinnitus, there are ways to manage the problem.

Now is the time to do something about it!

There are good reasons to treat your hearing loss now. The longer you wait, your brain forgets how to use complex sounds like speech. This makes it harder to use hearing aids if you begin with them later in your life. Every day you wait, you miss a whisper, a punchline, the sound of the birds in the trees, things that help make your life enjoyable.

To improve the quality of your life, and of those around you, whether the problem is hearing loss or tinnitus or both, it is necessary to have your hearing tested and get help with the problem. As a Doctor of Audiology, I will steer you toward the correct treatment for your problem whether it is medical care, surgery, hearing aids or assistive devices.

Our NO RISK solutions will meet your needs.

At Professional Hearing Solutions, Inc., we listen to your story so we can understand your experience. We evaluate your hearing capability and suggest possible solutions to the problems you are having. If the answer is hearing aids, we carry the best products at affordable prices, always with a no money down trial. If the instruments don’t meet your needs, just return them.

We have the best products, fit with the latest technology, at affordable prices.