Hearing Aids





Hear better everywhere.

Digital technology means the hearing aids work better in noisy places than ever before. With automatic adjusting for background sounds and directional microphones, conversations can be heard everywhere, from noisy restaurants to windy backyards.

Multiple programs available.

Digital hearing aids have many different programs available to use. They help you hear telephone conversations better, enjoy richer sounding music, or be comfortable in loud places.

No more feedback.

Squealing from hearing aids is a thing of the past with updated signal processing. No more embarrassment from unwanted feedback.

Hear your phone calls through your hearing aids.

Today's hearing technology allows hands-free use of cell phones, hearing the conversation in both ears using a cell phone accessory. A TV streamer brings your favorite TV shows into your ears, while your family enjoys a comfortable volume. Mini microphones will bring the voice you want to hear "up close", even in noisy places. And coming soon, a new instrument, ReSound LiNX, allows direct communication with your iPhone. This technology is amazing.


MaryBetter water resistance.

Most hearing aid components are nanocoated to improve moisture resistance. So a quick unintended dip in the shower won't cause lasting problems. There are even waterproof hearing aids available that can be worn while swimming or white water rafting!


4 pricing levels to meet your needs.

Hearing aids are available in different levels of technology and pricing to meet your lifestyle and financial needs. All levels include different sizes, styles and colors of hearing aids for your wearing comfort, so others won't see your hearing aids unless you show them!


Protective Warranty.

All instruments are covered by a warranty which varies by manufacturer and level of technology, ensuring continued performance from your hearing aids.


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