Care Offered


Free Hearing Aid and Tinnitus Evaluation.

We provide complete hearing aid evaluations including pure tone testing, speech understanding in quiet and noise, comfortable and uncomfortable loudness levels, and other tests as needed. This will help us best determine if you are a candidate for hearing instruments and what will work best for you.

No Money Down Trial.

If you are a candidate for Hearing Aids or Tinnitus Maskers, we will order brand new instruments for you, program and adjust them for your needs, and give you 30 days to try the instruments.
If they meet your needs, you may purchase them. If the instruments are not helpful, you may try different instruments, with a new 30 day trial, or simply return them to us.


Latest Fitting Technology.

We use Free Fit technology to fit and adjust your Hearing and Tinnitus instruments. This state of the art, research-based procedure allows for fast accurate fittings. Through tiny microphones, the sound is measured in your ear canal. This way, we know the hearing aids are producing the sound you need to hear well. Hearing aids fit at Professional Hearing Solutions are fit with true precision the first time. Any other method of fitting is just guessing!

Care Guarantee: For the life of your instruments, at No Charge to you, we will:

  • Reevaluate hearing as need to check for changes.
  • Reprogram and readjust your instruments as needed.
  • Clean and check your instruments as needed.
  • Replace tubing, wax guards, sports locks and tips as needed.

  • Included With Your Instrument Purchase.

  • Storage case, carrying case and cleaning tools.
  • Hearing aid driers, battery testers, battery magnets and battery cases, as needed.