Our Staff

Mary Martino, Au.D

Mary Martino

I became an audiologist 25 years ago, because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of other people. Even after 25 years, I still enjoy the moment that hearing aids are turned on and my client first hears what they’ve been missing. Faces light up with smiles of surprise at the sounds that can now be heard. It’s a wonderful thing! I want to help YOU hear better, too. My job is to help you navigate through all the options to find the correct choice for you, to be here with you through the process – from the initial decision to try a hearing aid, through learning to use the instrument effectively, and after. I am here to help you be successful in your endeavor to hear better – to improve the quality of your life. As you come to know me better, you will understand that I am not interested in the ‘one big sale’, but to establish a long term relationship with you, so that you can trust what I suggest for you. I want to be your audiologist, not just sell you a hearing aid. Please call! ~Mary Martino

Mary is a certified and licensed audiologist with 25 years’ experience working in various environments including hospitals, schools, private practice and ear, nose and throat physician’s offices. 23 of these years have been here in Southern Colorado providing hearing healthcare including hearing aid fitting and dispensing.

Meet Gary

Gary Martino

Gary is our business manager. He handles the daily tasks that come up in business from paying bills and keeping books to meeting with sales representatives. He continues to keep us grounded in the basics of good business practice:

Provide great service and great products at a reasonable price.